The main objective of our infant room is to provide and environment that is safe, clean, and friendly for our infant students. We work with the parents to create a feeding and changing schedule that works for you and your child. Their days will be filled songs, stories, and wagon rides. Our classroom is equipped with plenty of rocking chairs, age appropriate toys, and centers to entertain their needs.

We ask all parents to bring diapers and wipes, a pack and play, change of clothes, bottles and formula, and a blanket for nap time. In the changing centers we will make storage units for your diapers and wipes, and we will keep the pack and play in one of the closets. All other supplies will stay in the child’s bag out in front of the room. For more information, or questions, you can contact us using our contact page on our website.


In this room the children will begin to learn how to eat using their spoon and fork. When you are ready to start your child on table food please inform the teacher and we will work together to make for a smooth transition. We will also be introducing sippy cups in this room. So when you feel that your child is ready, we will replace their bottle with a sippy cup. Highreach has a curriculum designed especially for the baby’s. The Curriculum introduces shapes, colors, nursery rhymes, and identifying body parts. We also teach sign language in all of our classrooms as well. This is especially useful in our baby room. The sign language is provided by Sign 2 Me. Each month your child will learn different signs as a part of their curriculum. Supplies you will need to bring include diapers and wipes, change of clothes, and a small size pillow and blanket for nap time. If your child is not yet walking, we must ask that you bring a pack and play for nap time.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please e-mail us using our contact page on our website.
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