By the Barnyard Gate was created for the kid in all of us. We have tried to capture this era in time by the old farm look of our building. Our foyer is a fun place easily accessible to school visitors, students and parents, and keeps unnecessary traffic away from the learning centers. The decorations and equipment give you the feeling that you are stepping back in time. The classrooms are self contained so the children feel safe and secure. The children have shaded playgrounds with age appropriate equipment to help build confidence and large motor skills. We have also added a large indoor play land for those hot and rainy days.

Our front door remains locked at all times. We have a hub system that only allows parents with an active four digit code to enter and leave the building. Our classrooms, as well as our playgrounds and front door, are monitored 24 hours a day. We have two 36 inch monitors located in the office that are used by the office staff to monitor the classrooms and building. The entire premise of the school is recorded 24 hours a day for your child’s protection.

Here at the Barnyard Gate, we believe the most important beginning of a child’s life is the training they receive. Our main objective is to teach responsibility, to be courteous to others, build lifetime learning and developmental experiences, and encourage talents and gifts of each child.

We will fill your child’s day with play, drawing, painting, singing, and plain old letting kids be kids. We will create an atmosphere to promote a warm entertaining environment that gives children the freedom to explore and learn. We hope that when they go out into the “real world”, no matter how old they are, they will remember their childhood memories at By The Barnyard Gate.
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